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High Speed Rail Innovation Centre interacted with young minds to develop indigenous capabilities in the field of High Speed Railways

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High Speed Rail Innovation Centre Trust has a mandate to undertake targeted, applied collaborative research to solve issues raised by rail industry to enhance railway safety, reliability, productivity, efficiency & sustainability ensuring customer satisfaction.
The trust will also leverage Indian technical capabilities and develop indigenous capabilities in relevant fields of High Speed Railways to develop professional expertise in all aspects of High Speed Railways so as to provide innovative, indigenous, cost effective solutions, technological guidance, strategic analysis, advice to the Indian Rail Transportation industry on significant challenges & opportunities and provide eco-friendly & environmentally sustainable solutions. It will also contribute to development of HSR specific standards in India.
HSR Innovation Centre which was registered on 22nd January 2019 is managed by a Board of Trustees Chaired by Managing Director, NHSRCL and supported by Executive Council, which is assisted by the Advisory Council to review nature of the projects to be undertaken by the Innovation Centre. The Advisory council comprises the persons of eminence from industry, academia and research institutes both from India and abroad like IITs, University of Tokyo & JR East. The trust will adopt a collaborative approach for Funding, execution of research projects etc.

At present, the Innovation Centre Trust is considering research on following projects in different streams.

1  Design, Civil & Buildings: Optimization of HSR viaduct design from the seismic perspective, Developing of Reinforced Earth (RE) Retaining wall & RE Abutments and to develop an effective Fire Fighting system for HSR buildings and Developing a scientific model of selecting a new HSR corridor in India.
2  Signalling & Telecommunications: Developing an Application Software based systems for automatic yard movement in HSR and developing indigenous capabilities in design and implementation of OCC & Signalling for HSR.
3  Electrical: Developing Indigenous simulation model for design validation of Power Supply system & OHE.
4  Rolling Stock: Development of Simulator to develop trouble shooting skills related to High Speed Rolling Stock during training.
5  Developing Skilled Human Resources: To design a Training module to improve cognitive abilities, skills for safety critical activities in HSR

The second advisory council meeting of the trust was also held today in IIT Gandinagar, where Dr. Norimichi Kumagai , President , Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI). Japan, Mr. Yasushi Ujita, Deputy General Director, International Division, RTRI, Japan, Dr. Chikara Yamashita, Manager, RTRI , Japan, Prof K.E.Seetha Ram, Visiting professor at the centre for Spatial Information Science, University of Tokyo, Japan, Prof. Amit Prashant, Officiating Director and Professor (Civil Engineering), IIT Gandhinagar Prof. Sudhir Jain , Professor , Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur , IIT Kharagpur, , Prof. K.N.Satyanarayana, Director & Professor, Civil Engineering , IIT Tirupati, Shri Achal Khare, Managing Director, NHSRCL along with senior officials of NHSRCL deliberated on the project proposals received from various IITs and road map for targetted innovative, indigenous, cost effective solutions related to HSR building in India.