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NHSRCL MD Shri Achal Khare statement on Mangroves

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MD NHSRCL Shri Achal Khare : “For Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train project, the required wildlife clearance & CRZ clearance has been taken, as well as forest clearance had been provided with few conditions, where environment ministry had put one condition that we review the design of Thane station so that the affected Mangrove region can be reduced.
I am happy to share that, we carried out this exercise with a lot of detail.

That without changing the location of thane station, in what all ways can we reduce the Mangrove region, and we discussed that design with Japanese engineers and modified it accordingly.

Passenger areas like the parking area and passenger handling area has now been moved out of the Mangrove region, the location of station is the same but after redesigning it, earlier 12 hector Mangrove region was getting affected in Thane, but now only 3 hector will get affected. So this way, we have reduced around 21000 mangroves and now only 32044 mangroves will get affected from the entire project. Earlier there were around 53000 mangroves getting affected but now after 21000 less, that number has been reduced to 32044 mangroves.
I would also like to clarify that these are not the net loss of the mangroves, because NHSRCL will get the affected mangroves from the bullet train project compensated at the rate of 1:5, by depositing money into mangroves cell, which will do the compensatory afforestation of the mangroves. So the number of mangroves which are getting cut which is 32044 mangroves then around 160000 new mangroves will be planted and the entire financial expense will be borne by NHSRCL. And through mangrove cells, new Mangroves will be planted.”