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Cleanliness is next to Godliness
Connecting With PAPs Through Consent CAMPs
Benefits of Introducing Bullet Train in India
एमएएचएसआर का उदघाटन समारोह
अत्याधुनिक प्रस्‍तावित अहमदाबाद स्‍टेशन
ड्राइंग बोर्ड से लेकर जमीनी हकीकत तक: एचएसआरटीआई
MAHSR Construction Facts
Make In India
Employment Potential
Construction update, Sabarmati-hub
C-4 Contract Agreement Signing Ceremony
Tree Transplantation work under progress in Vadodara, Gujarat

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PS - 06 (Six) POST



नवीनतम निविदा

Final Alignment design including Aerial LiDAR survey and other related works for Varanasi-Howrah…
Last Date of Submission: 11 फरवरी 2021
Conducting Survey / Field Work & Preparation of Detailed Social Impact Assessment (SIA) /…
Last Date of Submission: 11 फरवरी 2021
Provision of Pneumatic Pipelines between Compressor to Rake Test Rig and Two Pneumatic Lines…
Last Date of Submission: 02 फरवरी 2021
Hiring of Vehicle for Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Project in Gujarat under CPM/Surat. For…
Last Date of Submission: 10 फरवरी 2021

मेक इन इंडिया

मेक इन इंडिया
मेक इन इंडिया

कौशल विकास

कौशल विकास
कौशल विकास