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नेशनल हाई स्पीड रेल कॉर्पोरेशन लिमिटेड

Media Brief: Completion of River Bridge on Dhadhar River for Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project

Published Date

River bridge on Dhadhar River, Vadodara district, Gujarat has been completed for Bullet Train project.
Salient features of Dhadhar River bridge are:

  • Length: 120 meters
  • Consists of 3 Full Span Girders (40 meters each)
  • Height of Piers – 16 m to 20 m
  • Circular piers of 4 m and 5 m diameter (4 Nos.)
  • This bridge is in between Bharuch and Vadodara bullet train station

There are total 24 river bridges on Bullet Train corridor (Gujarat and Maharashtra) out of which 20 are in Gujarat and 04 are in Maharashtra.

The construction of seven river bridges on Par (320 m, Valsad district), Purna (360 m, Navsari district), Mindhola (240 m, Navsari district), Ambika (200 m, Navsari district), Auranga (320 m, Valsad district), Venganiya (200 m, Navsari district) and Mohar River (160 m, Kheda district) has already been completed.

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