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Press Release

Headline Date
Technical Bids Opened for Package C-8 19-02-2021
NHSRCL awards contract for Procurement and Fabrication of 28 steel bridges for Mumbai- Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Corridor 25-01-2021
LiDAR (Aerial Ground) Survey for Delhi - Varanasi High Speed Rail Corridor starts today 10-01-2021
NHSRCL opens Financial bids for 28 Steel bridges for MAHSR corridor: Demand of 70,000 MT of Steel to boost Indian Steel Industries 18-12-2020
NHSRCL signs Second Contract Agreement of 88 Km of viaduct for the construction of Mumbai- Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Corridor Contracts for 92% of total alignment of MAHSR corridor in the state of Gujarat awarded 16-12-2020
NHSRCL adopts aerial LiDAR Survey technique to conduct the ground survey for Delhi-Varanasi High Speed Rail Corridor 07-12-2020
NHSRCL signs contract agreement for the country’s biggest infrastructure contract for Design and Construction of 47% of MAHSR alignment including 4 stations and Depot 26-11-2020
NHSRCL has awarded second civil contract of Design and Construction of 88 km (Approx) of viaduct between Vadodara and Ahmedabad in Gujarat (C-6 package) 20-11-2020
NHSRCL provides free of cost Skill Development Training to the youth to become ‘Atmanirbhar’ 04-11-2020
Financial Bid Opening for Tender Package C-6 02-11-2020
NHSRCL Invites bids for the preparatory works for the subsequent construction of the Sabarmati Maintenance Depot for MAHSR Corridor 22-10-2020
Financial Bid Opening for C-4 Package 19-10-2020
NHSRCL Invites bids for the design and construction of Ahmedabad & Sabarmati HSR Stations along with 18 km of viaduct 08-10-2020
NHSRCL opens Technical bids for 28 Steel bridges and 88 km of viaduct between Vadodara and Ahmedabad for MAHSR corridor 25-09-2020
NHSRCL opens technical bids for one of the biggest tenders covering 47% of MAHSR alignment and 4 stations 23-09-2020
Information on employment generation from MAHSR Project 17-09-2020
Sleek, lean and cost effective transmission towers to shift Overhead Extra High Tension lines in Gujarat to make way for Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Rail corridor (Available in English, Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi) 18-07-2020
NHSRCL resumes various activities after Lockdown relaxations (Available in English, Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi) 26-05-2020
NHSRCL Conducts three Online Pre-Bid meetings through video conferencing including the pre-bid meetings for the contracts for construction of 14 bridges in Gujarat and Dadra & Nagar Haveli (Available in English, Hindi & Gujarati ) 11-05-2020
How ‘Make in India’ initiative is giving impetus to the High-Speed Rail project (Available in English, Hindi Marathi & Gujarati) 08-05-2020