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NHSRCL Signs Agreement for Design and Construction of Two HSR Stations & 18 km Viaduct for Mumbai-Ahmedabad HSR Corridor

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National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited signed an agreement today, with M/s IRCON – DINESHCHANDRA JV for design and construction of about 18 km of viaduct between Anand and Sabarmati including two HSR stations: Ahmedabad and Sabarmati for Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Rail corridor (MAHSR- C7 Package). 

Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Rail will traverse through Western Railway’s Ahmedabad Junction Railway Station and shall be integrated with Saraspur side of the existing Ahmedabad station. Ahmedabad HSR station will be built over the existing railway platform no. 11 & 12.

To ensure seamless integration of the Ahmedabad HSR station with other modes of rail transport, NHSRCL has designed a user-friendly station layout for Ahmedabad.

An integrated Building for passenger transit is planned on east side of the existing railway station, where Passengers will be able to swiftly switch from one mode to another. This building will be equipped with escalators and elevators and will house many passenger convenience facilities like Booking office, Passenger lobby, tea/coffee kiosks and other amenities etc.

The Sabarmati HSR station will also provide seamless connectivity to the passengers as it will be connected to the upcoming Sabarmati Passenger Hub.

Both the HSR stations will be environment friendly with provisions of water conservation and natural light arrangements inside the station.

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