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Make in India

Make in India

As per the agreement between Govt. of India and Government of Japan, the MAHSR Project has “Make in India (MII)” & “Transfer of technology” objectives.

Action taken to meet “Make in India” objectives

  1. Deliberations regarding actions to meet the “Make in India” objectives of MAHSR project were held under the convenorship of DIPP & JETRO. 
  2. Four sub groups- Track, Civil, Electrical & S&T, Rolling Stock- were constituted with representatives from Indian industry, Japanese industry, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), NHSRCL & JETRO to discuss & identify potential items & sub-systems for “Make in India”. 
  3. Discussion were held in three broad categories of forums:

    Sub group Meetings- attended by representatives from DIPP, Ministry of Railways, NHSRCL, MLIT, JETRO, Japanese Embassy, JRE, Indian Industry representatives including representatives form Industry associations (CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM)

    Workshops: which were advertised well in advance and which were open for any firms to participate. The day long workshops were attended by firms both from India and Japan. B2B meetings were held in second half to allow a platform for interaction between Indian and Japanese firms. All the participants of sub group meetings also attended these workshops. The workshops in Tokyo were followed up with Japanese firm visit by Indian firms next day.

    Task Force meetings were held in DIPP to review the progress of sub group meetings and Workshops and action plan for the future agreed to. These were also attended by representatives from DIPP, Ministry of Railways, NHSRCL, MLIT, JETRO, Japanese Embassy, JRE, Indian Industry representatives

For more details, Please see our latest blog on 'Make in India' initiatives

The Trade Tie up portal of JETRO was provided with a specific link for MAHSR project, allowing any firm to submit its requests for tie ups and information without having to attend the meetings. This was the fourth forum.

Joint Agreement on MII Items:
After several deliberations over sector specific meetings, video conferences, workshops with representatives from both Indian & Japanese Industries, the list of items identified to be made in India was finalized and agreed. 

There are a number of ways that ‘Make in India’ can be realised like but not limited to

  • JVs between Indian and Japanese firms manufacturing in India
  • Equity participation by Japanese firms in Indian firms manufacturing in India
  • Japanese firms manufacturing in India
  • TOT to Indian firms manufacturing in India
  • Other suitable agreed means

    Based on the Indian high-speed railway cooperation between Japan and India Government. JETRO’s Trade Tie-up promotion program (TTPP) has created a special platform for encouraging railway industry partnership between India and Japan. TTPP has opened a special page for the Indian railway industry (HSR, MRT, freight forwarding business, and railway related industries). Link can be accessed here:

Business opportunities arising from MAHSR will not be limited only to this project but similar items would be required for several ongoing and sanctioned Indian railway and Metro projects. For example

India has a huge existing Railway network with 66687 RKM, 92081 TKM which is modernising, growing fast

Several ongoing Projects which are adding to this network including two Dedicated Freight Corridors and several Metro Railways in more than 15 cities.

It will cover a wide range of items such as railway track, vehicle, system, construction, parts / materials, know-hows, etc. and so on.

High Speed Rail project will be a major ‘Make in India’ initiative where Indian companies and contractors are encouraged to take part in open and transparent competitive bidding process for various work planned to be carried out for this project.

A Win-Win proposition

Make-in-India initiative is a win-win proposition for Japanese and Indian industry leaders.

Make in India Make in India