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नेशनल हाई स्पीड रेल कॉर्पोरेशन लिमिटेड

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Passenger Amenities

Cabin designed to avoid ear pressure, especially in tunnels

As many of our readers must have experienced ear pain due to changes in air pressure during take-off and descent during air travel. Similar experiences might occur during high speed rail travel, especially while passing through tunnels. Reason being, when the train enters a tunnel at high speed, a difference in air pressure occurs between inside and outside of the car causing ear pain. In order to overcome such discomfort to our passengers, the complete car body will be made air tight and a positive pressure above the atmospheric pressure will be maintained inside the cars to avoid rapid pressure difference.

Noise mitigation

Noise is an inherent part of any machinery. Engineers work day and night to solve this discomfort for the users and those who will be living around high-speed rail network. Many features will be adopted and fitted in these train to reduce the noise. For example, use of double skin aluminium alloy in the car body, air tight floors with noise insulation, sound absorbing side covers over the bogie portion, fairings (smooth covers) between cars, noise insulation panels for pantographs etc.

Special lurch control system

All cars will be fitted with active suspension system that will minimize lateral vibrations due to car body swaying. Besides conventional suspension system which uses spring and the lateral damper; active suspension consisting of actuator and controls vehicle body movement. Such features will add up to increasing passengers’ comfort during the high-speed rail journey.

Ergonomically designed interiors

There will be three different classes in these trains namely First class, Business class and Standard class. Seats in all classes are ergonomically designed and have ample leg space for passenger comfort. Additionally, Trains will be provided with modern passenger aircrafts like features like LED lighting, overhead baggage racks, seat leg rests operating in conjunction with rotating and reclining seat, reading lamps etc. Trains will also have other facilities like power outlets for laptop/mobile charging, foldable typed table, bottle holder, coat holder etc. Cars will be fitted with modernized toilets for men, women and with special consideration to wheelchair accessibility.

Passenger interface

Cars will be fitted with enhanced passenger information system for regular communication with passengers onboard. LCD passenger information display system will provide information in English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. Displays will show information such as train name & number, current station, next stopping station & destination station, information in emergency situations, text news, door opening side and speed etc.
In addition to LCD displays, Voice communication system consisting public address system, automatic announcement system, emergency call equipment, wired/wireless interphone (for crew) will be provided onboard.
All passenger cabins (both sides of cabin end) and all toilets will be provided with emergency call system.
Passengers will be able to talk with train crew by pushing a button in case of any emergency.

Facilities for differently abled passengers

The trains will have special provision to handle the needs of differently abled passengers. Certain seats in the standard and business class coach will be wheelchair friendly. Wheelchair accessible toilets and washroom will be designed with ease of use for special needs.
Cars will have braille enabled information signage in the vestibule area, toilets, and other required places.

Multipurpose rooms

Apart from the world class seating arrangement in each car, one car will be provided with multipurpose room with folding bed, baggage rack, mirror etc. for sick persons or child feeding women and many other such purposes. Multipurpose room will be large enough to accommodate wheel chair passenger.

Passenger security

Passenger safety is given utmost importance in this project. There will be a set of cameras on front and rear ends of the passenger cabins and on both sides of vestibule that will record any suspicious activity onboard.

Automatic seat rotation system

All seats fitted in these trains will rotate to align them with the train moving direction.