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Technical Papers

High Speed Rail Noise Standards and Regulations

 By Shri Sandeep Srivastava, Executive Director (Rolling Stock), NHSRCL
 Shri Govindu Sivasankar, DGM (Rolling Stock), NHSRCL

Abstract : Noise generated by rolling stock in High-Speed Rail (HSR) is of paramount importance from environment point of view. A lot of developments and improvements have happened in rolling stock design to reduce noise during running. There exists different standards and methodology for measurement of noise emanating from running of rolling stock at high-speeds. This paper discusses…

Energy Efficient Operation of Rolling Stock in HSR

By Shri Sandeep Srivastava, Executive Director (Rolling Stock), NHSRCL     

Abstract : Efficiency of high-speed rolling stock and its efficient operation is key to sustainability of any High-Speed Rail (HSR) project. Power/seat is an indicator of energy efficiency of high-speed rolling stock from design point of view. However, energy/seat-km is actual measure of energy efficiency of any high-speed rolling stock and is also referred as HSR efficiency. This paper looks into how the operational techniques combined…