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Technical Bids Opened for Design and Construction of about 18 km of Viaduct and Ahmedabad & Sabarmati HSR Stations

Published Date

Technical bids were opened for ‘Design and construction of about 18 km of viaduct between Anand and Sabarmati including HSR stations at Ahmedabad and Sabarmati for Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Rail corridor’ (under C7 package). The alignment also has 31 crossing bridges including 6 (six) Steel truss bridges.

Following 6 bidders have participated in the process. The financial bids of the successful bidders after evaluation of technical bids will be opened.

  1. DBL-RBL-SAM India (JV)
  2. NCC-TPL-J Kumar HSR Consortium
  3. Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.
  5. Larsen & Toubro Limited
  6. GR Infra – Sadbhav (JV)

Previous press release at the time of bid invitation can be accessed here