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Media Brief: Bullet Train construction update from Palghar & Thane district (Maharashtra)

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Some important numbers

  • Total length 135 km (Between Shilphata & Zaroli village on Maharashtra -Gujarat Border)
  • Viaduct & River Bridges: 124 km
  • Special Crossings on roads, Railway & DFC: 11 steel bridges totaling 2 km (approx.)
  • Stations: 3 nos. namely Thane, Virar & Boisar (all elevated)
  • Mountain tunnels: 6 nos. totaling 6 km (approx.)
  • River Bridges: Ulhas River, Vaitarna & Jagani, longest bridge (2.32 kms.) of MAHSR project will be on Vaitarna river totaling 3.22 km
  • Contract signed on 19 July 2023
  • Package name: MAHSR -C-3

Physical construction activity has begun in elevated part of the bullet train corridor in Maharashtra. This section comprises of total 135 km from Shilphata (near Mumbai) till Zaroli village on Maharashtra-Gujarat border. This section is among the most complicated elevated part of the project comprising of 6 mountain tunnels, 36 (nos.) crossings including 11 steel bridges and river bridges on major river bridges like Ulhas, Vaitarna and Jagani rivers. Longest river bridge (2.32 km) of the bullet train project is in this section on Vaitarna river.

This section also includes 3 bullet train stations in Thane, Virar & Boisar. All three stations come under Mumbai metropolitan region (MMR) and are considered suburbs of Mumbai. Thousands of people commute daily between these stations everyday through various modes of transport like local trains, Cars and city buses etc.

Currently, following work is under progress for the package:

1)    100% land acquired. Cleaning and grubbing works in progress: 78 km completed

2)    Geotechnical investigation is under progress, above 50% completed

3)    Open foundation constructed at 19 locations and in progress at 42 locations.

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