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नेशनल हाई स्पीड रेल कॉर्पोरेशन लिमिटेड

Automated Rainfall Monitoring System for Bullet Train Project

Published Date

To ensure the safe operations of Bullet Train services, an automated Rainfall Monitoring System has been adopted. This system will provide real time data on the rainfall using rain gauges, equipped with advanced instrumentation system.
Each gauge contains a tripping cell that generates signal pulses in response to the collected rain volume. These pulses are transmitted via a signal communication line to the Facility Controller System at the Operation Control Centre (OCC), where they are meticulously displayed and monitored.
The system provides two critical measurement values:

  • Hourly Rainfall: The amount of rainfall recorded in the last hour
  • 24-Hour Rainfall: The cumulative rainfall over the past 24 hours

These measurements are crucial for making informed decisions regarding train operations, particularly in areas susceptible to heavy rainfall and its effects on earth structures and natural slopes. 
Specific regulations will be enforced based on the rainfall data and threshold values type of earth structure and natural slopes for each section duly validated by patrolling teams activated through Maintenance Centers.
Six instrumented rain gauge stations are proposed to be installed along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train corridor, in Thane and Palghar districts, specifically near vulnerable earth structures, mountain tunnel entrance/exit and tunnel portals etc. Areas with significant cuttings and potential landslide risks will also be closely monitored. Rain gauge influence radius is nearly 10 km.

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