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Skill Development

Skill Development

NHSRCL Organizes Training Programmes for Engineering Students in Asia’s Biggest Geotechnical Investigation Lab in Surat

To give impetus to the National Skill Development Program, NHSRCL is organizing training programmes for the civil engineering students at the Geo Technical investigation lab, which is set up by M/s L&T in Surat for Mumbai- Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Project (M/s L&T is executing the civil works between Vapi and Ahmedabad).

The laboratory is considered as Asia’s biggest Geotechnical Laboratory and has generated employment for an about 900 (500 at field and 400 at laboratories) persons including Engineers, Technician and Skilled Laborers. The lab is equipped with state- of-the- art investigation equipment. The facility can conduct 3500 tests per day through 20 geotechnical engineers and 188 lab technicians.

During the training, the students are familiarized with the instruments being used for various geotechnical investigations.
Besides lectures, field tests like Plate Load Test, Pile Load Test to determine the soil characteristics through laboratory testing are also demonstrated. The first batch of 35 students from Sardar Vallabh Bhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT),Surat have already received training in this facility.

The MAHSR project has also given a boost to the local Geotech investigation setup in upgrading their old equipment. About 15 laboratories at Valsad, Surat, Vadodara, Anand and Ahmedabad have upgraded their infrastructure to comply international standards required for the project. Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic ground testing machines have also been deployed at project sites.

Students from Sardar Vallabh Bhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT) attending a training session at Asia’s largest Geotechnical Lab in Surat Students from Sardar Vallabh Bhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT) attending a training session at Asia’s largest Geotechnical Lab in Surat
High-Speed Rail Training Institute (HSRTI)

NHSRCL is building a High-Speed Rail Training Institute (HSRTI) in Vadodara. This institute will be the training ground for all future high-speed rail workforce in India. The training institute will train approximately 3500 staff in various disciplines including Rolling Stock, Civil and track maintenance, Electrical, Signal & telecommunication station and train crew. The state-of-the-art institute will be a most modern high-speed rail training institute equipped with twelve class rooms, three multipurpose rooms, six practice rooms, two large storage rooms, 250 seat auditorium and other most modern construction features. HSRTI will have lodging facility for all the trainees. Training will be imparted through modern, smart, digital and virtual reality-based class rooms and labs. Simulator based training will be provided to the drivers, conductors and Operations Control Centre staff. Special training modules are being prepared in various categories including follow up/brush up training, reshuffle/dual trade training, safety/emergency response training, customer care and soft skill training. To facilitate training and works related to Operations & Maintenance, a team of 360 employees will be trained in Japan. Thereafter, 78 employees out of the 360 will undergo ‘On the Job’ training to develop and master core competencies in respective domains. Total training period for the employees will range from 3 to 12 months in various specialisations. HSRTI work is divided into three contract packages namely TI-1, TI-2 and TI-3.


High-Speed Rail Training Institute (HSRTI)