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Taking India to the fast track of development

Taking India to the fast track of development

Entrusted with the task of  building India’s first High-Speed Rail between Mumbai-Ahmedabad (MAHSR), National High-Speed Rail Corporation Ltd (NHSRCL) is ushering India into an era of economic, social and technological progress. Making use of state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology, NHSRCL is not only likely to usher new era in rail construction but is also in providing safe, speedier, & convenient solution for fast travel.

First-of-its-kind training institute

With the introduction of HSR in India, safe, timely & reliable operation is expected to become the key to its success. Therefore, in order to establish smooth operations of MAHSR and to generate a work force that is effective& equipped with high level of knowledge, NHSRCL is developing a world-class HSR Training Institute in Vadodara, Gujarat.  At its completion, the institute is expected to become the hub of knowledge, technology for skilled engineers and operators who will be at the core of delivering excellent service quality. Conceived with the aim of imparting most advanced level knowledge & skills, the institute is poised as a pioneer of high-speed rail technology education in the country. The HSR Training Institute will be imparting training through customized training programs for fields as diverse as Construction, Project Implementation & Management, Operations, Maintenance, and Customer Care among others. The key objectives for establishing the institute are:

  • To provide unique learning experiences & develop the future generation of curious, passionate, creative & solution-driven workforce for the HSR organizations
  • To impart training using state of the art training aids to develop high-level technical & functional expertise among the trainees
  • To impart knowledge in Operation & Maintenance, Safety & Security, Service & Marketing and Energy & Environment and instilling the right values.
  • To provide a world-class training environment which would enable trainees to enhance their communication skills, encourage them to build & expand their network and foster the culture of mutual respect
The Campus

The High Speed Rail Training Institute (HSRTI) campus located in Lalbagh, Vadodara, Gujarat has been designed keeping in mind the need for providing a conducive ambience for knowledge sharing and promotion of culture of inclusiveness. With lush green nature surrounding the area, the HSRTI campus is being built to meet the best standards in technology, comfort, modernisation and professionalism.

Training for holistic development

HSR Training Institute of NHSRCL will be an ideal place for learning & development for its staff which shall focus on enhancing knowledge, skill and attitude.

HSRTI is committed to developing, delivering & imparting the best-in-the-class training to its trainees that would empower them to tide over challenges and come up with creative solutions for excellent HSR operations. 

The state of the art training equipment viz simulators, model rooms, slab track etc. is being introduced based on the Japanese HSR training institute at Shin-Shirakawa is being developed to ensure the similar skill levels in Indian HSR employees.

Simulation assisted training
The Training Track


To widen the practical knowledge horizon of the trainees, the HSRTI has developed an in-campus Ballast-less Slab Track training-line built for on-the-job training purpose.

Next-gen smart classes

Class rooms will be equipped with internet enabled KYAN interactive Projectors, Smart Boards, LED Panels, AV Speaker Systems and trainee laptops. Recorded lectures will be available for reference on Campus LAN with repository of all training and reference material. The Training Institute is being developed with next gen Smart Classrooms, Modern Audio Video Learning Labs and VR Simulators supplemented with On-the-Job (OJT) training programmes for maximum retention of the trainee on real HSR projects

Quality of life

HSRTI is designed to provide a safe & comfortable stay to the trainees and shall be providing elegantly designed residences, sports & recreational facilities, internet connectivity etc.


NHSRCL has the distinction of being the pioneers responsible for ushering in of High Speed Technology in the country. Therefore, HSRTI aims to become the fount of Skilled manpower to be provided to Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed railway in the beginning, and provide the skilled manpower responsible for spreading the footprints of high speed network in the country.

Keeping this in mind, the High-Speed Rail Training Institute by NHSRCL has been established with the aim of adopting modern approaches and technologies in learning to broaden individual’s skillsets & capabilities in order to keep up with the current as well as future demands of the industry. Through this institute, NHSRCL endeavours to offer unique immersive learning experiences, bridge the skill gap and build a future ready workforce of forward thinkers, solution providers and doers who are ready to re-think & strategize for the challenges of today and tomorrow.